Dragon Ball Legends – Which Things to Know Before Playing?

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Most of the children like to play fighting games; the Dragon Ball Legends is one among them because of animated series, high graphics and so on. This game has a storyline that helps you enjoying the game more.

It supported only two devices, namely, Android and iOS. You can also play the game with your best friends by connecting your Facebook account with the game, not only this; you can also check their abilities and skills in the match.

Top 2 Features

1. Heroes – There are many heroes available in Dragon Mobile Legends, but you will get 8 when you first started the game. The free heroes’ names are balmond, saber, layla, tigreal, zilong, miy, nana, eudora. If you want to buy more heroes, then you can use diamonds and battle points. Other heroes, you can get by completing certain events.

2. Emblem – It is a system that increases the power of your hero in Dragon Mobile Legends. There are total nine emblems available in the game, make sure to max out the right emblem that suits your play style.

Final Words

Conclusion, I hope you understand all things as mentioned above because it is essential not only for beginners but also experienced players if they want to become the best player in Dragon Ball Legends. Lastly, gamers also have to pay attention to the earning process and use this currency in the right way; otherwise, you need to buy from your real money.